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A once-fresh love will wither and suffocate when the flames of lust burn too brightly. Every rose has its thorn'from ember to ashes.
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He may be cute and cuddly, but this guy means business. The streets aren't safe when you hear the clink of this pug's chain.
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He's Alive! The cursed, fuzzy creation of a mad scientist's sewing needle, made from the body parts of multiple bears. Frankie is doomed to wander the earth for eternity, snuggling those who dare cross his path.
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Freshly hatched from the scorching shell of her lava filled egg, this baby dragon will soon be learning to fly and blow jets of billowing flame from her mouth. For now, though, she is just a cute and cuddly little puff of smoke in need of hugs.
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A pair of young unicorns shimmer underneath the imposing moon. In a dark valley beyond the reach of mere mortals, beauty and death are equal comforts, for what is beauty but a fading mirage?
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