Spiral Mobile App

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  • 20% OFF  when you download the app.

  • Get the latest news via push notification.  

  • Be the first to know about new releases.  

  • Quick and easy access to our full range of products.  

  • Access to App only flash sales.

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  • Download the app from your relevant app store by clicking the buttons above, turn on notifications, and look out for your 20% OFF discount code.

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  • Our main goal with the new Spiral app is to improve the way that you can order from our store. Websites often slow down with heavy traffic, so installing the app will get you in front of the traffic jam and on your way to gothic splendour in no time.

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  • We may have been around for longer than some of our customers have existed, but we are young at heart. We created this app in our continued pursuit to stay ahead of the curve and to offer a vastly improved service to our faithful followers. Now when you see the Spiral dragon displaying on your mobile you know you will never be more than a tap away, whenever the urge to splurge on glorious gothic garments takes you.

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