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A beautiful garland of gothic roses, but look closely, is that blood?
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The severed heads of her mortal enemies are carried like casual trophies. This harbinger of destruction rides like a Valkyrie upon her hellbent steed, and the addictive taste of battle drips from her armour with every footstep that she thunders into the sodden earth below.
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Living doll or dead doll? The perfect porcelain visage has cracked and decayed as the soul within this broken vessel has blackened. Pools of ink where her eyes once shone, this gothic doll has heavy metal running through her joints.
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Have you ever seen the Easter Bunny? This here is no fluffy cute rabbit, he will demolish your eggs then rip your throat out, this is one bunny you do not want to cross paths with on an Easter Sunday evening.
Stock Code: K047F105-3
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This elegant asymmetric design is a whirlwind of contradictions: both feminine and ferocious, high art and high street fashion. Spattered with crimson gore, yet intertwined with beautiful spring flowers. A skull design to make a powerful statement with.
Stock Code: K053F137-3
£ 9.99 9.99 GBP
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